Meet CLAUD, a high end denim brand designed in New York and made in Italy. We’ve created a collection of denim fits that we feel are core to any closet.

*CLAUD Core Collection has entered the chat* 

Back in 2018, we had the idea to start a denim line. A passion for the product and desire to fill a (literal) gap in the market is what kick started our journey. Our founder & Creative Director, Claudia, as well as countless friends of the brand shared a similar struggle: difficult finding a well fitting pair of jeans. We define this as jeans fitting properly around the waist without gapping, among other design details. 

Our primary mission is to create your next go-to pair of jeans. The pair you reach for in a rush because their design and quality are so reliable. Well-fitting and comfortable jeans that carry the craftsmanship of Italian-made goods and stand the test of time. 

CLAUD aims to help build a more thoughtful consumer fashion industry so our wearers not only feel confident in the quality and way our denim makes them feel, but also the sustainable manner in which the materials have been sourced, produced and distributed. More to come on this in another blog post.

Whether you’re running errands, heading to a bar, going to the office, chilling on a Sunday or just livin’ life, we’ve got a CLAUD style for that. 

We’re excited for you to get to know us, this has been a long time coming. 

Ciao for now,